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Environmental Program

At InProduction, environmental responsibility is paramount. We strive for a zero-negative impact, actively minimizing our footprint through responsible waste management, energy-efficient operations, and a commitment to sustainable practices. This dedication extends beyond our facilities, as we prioritize partnering with vendors who share our values of environmental and social stewardship.

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Committed to a
Safe Workplace

InProduction prioritizes employee safety under the leadership of Robert Erickson, our Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Safety. Robert holds a master's degree in human resources and brings extensive expertise to his role.  He is designated as a Certified Hazardous Materials Safety Technician (CHST), holds OSHA 500 certification, is a Covid-19 Compliance Officer, and is an authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor. These credentials demonstrate his commitment to upholding the highest safety standards within our organization.

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