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Event Suites: The New Best Seat in The House

Sometimes the best seat in the house isn’t in the house at all. As spectators continue to look for the latest and greatest in live events, venues are challenged with creating unique environments that amplify attendees’ experiences and encourage future visits. VIP suites, chalets, and uniquely designed experience areas are just a few examples of how venues are improving upon the spectator experience. However, these new additions benefit more than just the spectator; they are real revenue generators for the venues hosting every type of live event.

One of the most common challenges when attending a live event is access to amenities and conveniences that provide a spectacular experience. Easily accessible restrooms with no lines, quality food and beverage, and shelter from natural elements—rain, shine, and the like—are luxuries that many spectators will excitedly pay for. Combine these with an exceptional view of the action, and the venue has created an experience worth returning to on a regular basis. The PGA Tour is a prime example of how venues are making the most of their available space. Exclusive suites with views of the marquee holes (many of which are from our inventory) range from several hundred to several thousand dollars for a single ticket. Churchill Downs has capitalized on the desire to see and be seen in style at the Kentucky Derby by offering space in the Clubhouse Courtyard in addition to its more traditional suites. Attendees will view the final stretch and finish line trackside while enjoying exclusive access to premium food and beverage, an expedited entrance, and private wager stations for $2,500 per person. Beyond the world of sports, music festival Coachella has leveraged its rise as a high-profile event to offer experiences that match its expansive growth. While General Admission tickets are offered for $429, VIP tickets, which include access to specialty food and drink, air-conditioned bathrooms, and shaded seating, sell for $999. For attendees who want to experience the campsites but not the realities of camping, premier accommodations are available, with packages priced between $2,500 and $9,500 for the weekend.

The availability of multilevel structures and tiered seating, on a temporary or semipermanent basis, make the creation of these experiences possible without a capital investment. This flexibility also provides venues with the ability to alter and expand their offerings as needed for each event, year after year. Most importantly, temporary and luxury are not mutually exclusive when it comes to creating these spaces. With the right team and the right vision, venues of all shapes and sizes can welcome spectators to the experience of a lifetime. And guess who is the premier provider of hospitality suites? You got it!

Reach out to Craig Kersey to discuss how suites can be integrated into your event.


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