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InProduction’s stock sets are available in dozens of configurations based on modular components.


If you see a look you like, contact us for a detailed quote on a size specific to your production. Stock sets are available fully installed or shipped to your event’s location and installed by your own event staff. Most sets have matching lecterns available.

InProduction Stock Sets

InProduction Stock Set Dimensions



Willow Stock Set is an elegant set option that combines brushed aluminum frames and white translucent stretch fabric to create attractive panels that become a canvas for both rear and front lighting. By removing the fabric, the panels become windows to cycle, drape, video screens or other backdrops. 


Saturn Squares.jpg

Featuring 3' x 3' aluminum frame, spandex-backed panels, the Saturn Squares Stock Set offers a rotating interior disc that can be aligned vertically or horizontally to create an impressive 3D backdrop. Available in multiple configurations based on stage size and desired layout, Saturn Squares can be ground-supported or flown from truss, bringing unparalleled flexibility to the stage setting for your next event.


Shoji 1.JPG

The visually stunning Shoji Stock Set delivers unrivaled aesthetic flexibility using brushed aluminum frames and white translucent stretch fabric that can serve as panels for rear and front lighting. Without the fabric, panels become attractive windows to exterior backdrops like cycles, drapes or video screens


Mondrian Close.jpg

Inspired by the works of Piet Mondrian, the Mondrian Stock Set delivers aesthetic appeal using brushed aluminum frames and white translucent stretch fabric. Like many of our stock sets, the white fabric panels offer opportunities for front and rear lighting, and can be removed to provide stylish views of cycles, drapes or video backdrops.



Unique, internally lighted triangular columns and lecterns give the Enterprise Stock Set a strong visual structure that is balanced by complimentary bands of light. With a simple change in lighting color, your can quickly transform the mood and dynamic of Enterprise scenic elements. Additional dynamic lighting enhancements can be achieved using optional center diamond configurations in 10' x 10' panels.


Custom shapes   |   Quick install    |   Lightweight Endless possibilities available.



Highly attractive staging option, our Innovations Stock Set features beautiful curved wall panels that can be painted or covered in fabric for enhanced aesthetic appeal. In many cases, the Innovations Set is combined with a cyc to create a greater sense of depth on stage.


stock sets scenic.JPG

Simple, elegant and affordable, the Executive Stock Set offers a highly flexible and attractive set for events of all shapes and sizes. With scenic columns that can be configured to accentuate all popular projection screen sizes, the Executive Set is sure to be a hit at your next event. 



Looking for an attractive set for small stages and event venues? The Horizon Stock Set offers a highly flexible stage set that gives small stages the look and feel of a large event. Featuring paint-treated curved flats, the Horizon set can be consolidated or expanded based on your preferences and stage size needs. 



Featuring modular wall panels that can be assembled in a range of configurations, our Classic Stock Set offers a stylish and simple set option that is the workhorse of the corporate scenic marketplace. With crisp, clean lines and an impeccable presentation, the Class Set provides a blank canvas for lighting, signage and video enhancements.


Screen Shot 2022-03-25 at 10.12.45 AM.png

The Picture Frame Backdrop is a variable size, rigid backdrop well suited for front and back lighting and projection effects. Constructed from 1/4″ thick Sintra® PVC Foam board and weighing under 3 lbs each, the square Frame has a 2′ x 2′ outside dimension. The inside square of each Frame measures 15 5/8″ x 15 5/8″ and is covered by a translucent, stretched cloth. To achieve the desired size for the event, Frames are assembled along a grid formation and joined together with quick release latches that lock out of site on the backside. [foogallery id="3967"] FEATURES

  • Adjustable Size

  • 2′ x 2′ Interlocking Panels

  • Lightweight CNC Construction

  • Quick Release Easy Assembly

  • Optimized for Projection

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