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InProduction has evolved into the largest provider of temporary seating, staging, structures, and scenic production for the United States events industry.


Working in partnership with our clients, the InProduction team is engaged from start to finish, providing creative input, detailed drawings, and renderings for review and revision, bringing the drawings to life via meticulous installations, and then breaking down the installations and leaving the event site immaculate. We maintain a total commitment to excellence for a spectacular result at any event for which we provide services. Our inventory and custom solutions combined with your vision guarantee a seamless, successful event every time.


The InProduction team has spent the better part of the last decade combining the best seating and staging companies into a one-stop shop for most of what is needed to produce an event. Starting with SGA Production Services, we added and integrated T&B Equipment, CommuniLux Productions, Nussli U.S., and Seating Solutions to become today’s InProduction. The COVID-19 pandemic has made us a more cohesive and fully integrated team — truly the best of the best. By consolidating these best-in-class brands and product lines, we are now able to fully support event producers and venues across the country. We have the ability to do most everything, streamlining delivery and installation in order to execute a memorable and successful event. Recently, we have taken our seating designs to a new level, creating modular semi-permanent stadiums. We continue to push the envelope on how big we can build and how fast we can safely do so. During the pandemic, creation of these semi-permanent stadiums has become our most sought-after service, along with our social-distancing designs


Our inventory is unsurpassed in its depth of product and flexibility for whatever the layout might include — from bleachers, luxury seating, and structures that install quickly but look permanent to staging, television towers, VIP chalets, and everything in between. Our scenic production teams can build whatever is necessary to fit the vision to the location layout.

InProduction Inventory


Central to InProduction’s sustained growth and success are our people. Our sales team includes those who have seen it all and who can bring that experience to the planning table along with innovative solutions for the most unique concepts, including social-distancing designs. Our designers, CAD team, and production people design and build some of the most iconic and creative spectator experiences imaginable. Our production teams provide a consistently successful setup, which keeps us on time and able to meet any unexpected on-site challenges with a team that works together to get it done. Our field team members are all fully trained in COVID-19 health protocols. We believe that it’s our people and our products that give us the foundation to be the best in the industry at what we do.



Today’s industry needs vary more than ever. Events are held in places where design is the difference between success and mediocrity. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, a new venue or an existing space, we can seamlessly assemble the elements that are needed to deliver the experience for which the client is striving.


We are on time, exacting, safe, and clean. Because we have a depth of experience unmatched in the industry, we know how to adjust to whatever obstacles arise. Detailed timelines are part of the planning process with our clients, and we integrate our work and that of other event professionals in a way that limits unnecessary stress.

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