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Most events aren’t complete without a variety of table accommodations. Sit-down tables are no exception. Just about any sporting venue equipped with lounges, hospitality suites, or skyboxes provide sit-down tables for event goers and sponsors to take in the action. In addition to sporting events, conferences, trade shows and expos also frequently incorporate sit-down tables to create a comfortable and pleasant event experience.

Sitdown table

Sit-down tables are versatile, easy to assemble and suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor venues. From small dining tables to banquet-style furnishings, InProduction has several product lines available. Our team is familiar with configuring the equipment to fit your specific requirements. Your venue can be designed with separate areas dedicated to seated table accommodations only, or tables blended in with other seating structures. Whether your seated tables need uncompromised views of the action, or strategically placed away from the excitement, you can trust InProduction with selecting and installing the right equipment to meet your event’s unique needs.

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