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10 Eye-Catching Ideas for Creating Social Spaces at Conferences

Updated: Feb 8

AUSTIN – B-to-B conferences aren’t necessarily known for having the flashiest bars where attendees can grab a drink. But beer distributor MillerCoors offered a different route by bringing 22 of its brands to life with a colorful, immersive showcase.

For the company’s brand showcase at its annual Distributors Conference, which took place March 27 to 29 at the Austin Convention Center, MillerCoors partnered with Chicago-based brand experience agency AgencyEA to create an exhibit for the 22 brands, with the goal of creatively capturing the spirit of each one and providing some 3,000 attendees from across the country the chance to experience each beer in a locally-inspired atmosphere.

The booths were scattered throughout the convention center floor, which was designed to replicate downtown Austin’s Rainey Street—a popular tourist and nightlife hotspot.

The designs for each booth aimed to celebrate a specific brand by highlighting its history, flavor, or package and bottle design through eye-catching decor, live music, and lighting motifs. Standout pop-ups included a Blue Moon bar that offered a custom wall illustration of the Austin skyline rendered in the brand’s blue and orange colors, a Sol bar that aimed to evoke a street in Mexico, and a pink floral teepee at the Crispin Rosé hard cider bar.

AgencyEA also is slated to partner with MillerCoors for its 2019 Distributors Conference. Here’s a look at some of the most creative booths from this year’s event.


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