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A Day in the Life: InProduction Truck Drivers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a big rig? Cruising down the highway, looking out for a chance to make a little boy’s day when you catch him arm-pumping in the minivan next to you…

Today, we take you on a journey into the world of 22-year professional driver Charles Williams. He has been a part of the InProduction family since 2013, and his commitment to excellence when it comes to getting materials from yard to site is second only to his love for his family. Charles started with InProduction as a way to provide a better life for himself, even though it meant transitioning from the world of lively buses full of chatty passengers to one in which the only sound he hears comes from the open road, or his curated collection of Audible books. Nonetheless, he feels he’s traded up considering his fully-stocked cab, complete with a bed, coffee maker, and even a refrigerator. No matter where he’s headed, he wouldn’t be caught without a few key items: a fresh bag of Starbucks ground coffee to fill both his cup and his energy levels, diet Ginger Ale, some “nice hand-rolled cigars,” and, of course, a family photo from summer vacation, courtesy of his amazing benefits package!

Charles has had the pleasure of creating some amazing memories with his family while still fulfilling his commitments to the company. When asked, he spoke fondly about being able to fly his wife out to Palm Beach for a weekend while he was stationed there during the Florida swing. While most people wouldn’t necessarily find long-distance driving to be the most family-friendly of careers, Charles sees it as a way to provide for his family (he has recently purchased a second home), see the country (the West Coast landscape is second-to-none, in his opinion), and fulfill a family legacy of operating commercial vehicles. He is, after all, following in his uncles’ footsteps, as they inculcated in him the desire for a life on wheels.

How could anyone be so keen on this type of lifestyle? Is it really all that the social media posts make it out to be? According to Charles, it’s just like anything else: “It can be a good thing depending on what you do with it.” In other words, you may be hired to do a job, but it’s up to you to turn that job into a thought that his company has been and will continue to be good to him.

So, what’s the best venue he’s ever delivered to? Hands down, it would have to be TD Gardens in Boston. The coolest item he’s ever hauled? He loves to load our RATS – small vehicles equipped with a telescopic platform that goes up and down and even spins 360 degrees to catch the best shots at sporting events – onto the back of his truck because he gets to see them in action at their destinations. The best part of his job? Wintering in Florida every year. He gets to escape the brisk Virginia winters, and stay at some pretty nice hotels! Though his favorite overnight stay was actually in a very different part of the country – can you guess where? The Hamptons! Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be able to brag a bit about how they stayed in the Hamptons?

Our drivers give more of themselves for the sake of making the magic happen than most people working a typical 9-to-5, and the entire company appreciates their dedication. Drivers truly are a foundation stone for the success of the And that is certainly what Charles does. He strives to remain flexible, feeling secure in the

--Paula Scott, Senior Business Admin, InProduction


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