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Custom Fabrication Opportunities

The hidden gem of the InProduction product lines is our fabrication capability and our team’s ability to bring whatever is necessary in customized branding and fabrication of our product lines to fill any inch of space that the client wants to use for seating or staging. We take our clients’ ideas and bring them to life. These customized elements raise an event – or a company’s presentation – to a whole new level. Talk about a return on your investment. Here are a few of our recent fabrications to give you ideas for your next event.

Then there are the installation elements, such as the wrap around a bleacher section, allowing the corporate sponsors, the organizers and the event developers, to put their brand in front of the consumer, television viewers, and all those spectators taking pictures with their iPhones. It’s value added in a cost effective way. Or we might need angled seating to fit the landscape. With our welding capabilities and having our own powder coating facility with a 25′ oven, we can turn your ideas into reality.

When you have a car that deserves its own platform: Lamborghini consistently ensures that when their cars are strutting their stuff at events, they are set on worthy staging – built as if it were the glove that the driver wears when steering it.

Have a look at some of the additional challenges and solutions that have come out of our fabrication teams in both Ashland, Virginia and Orlando, Florida. We think it might inspire you to go beyond what you thought possible.

Camera Towers afford the perfect view, as well as branding both onscreen and to spectators.

A custom designed guard rail for the America’s Cup, required to match certain colors on the structure it surrounds.

We have warehouses full of past fabrication seating and staging that, believe it or not, can be used again and again. Let us know if you have any interest in something for your next event.


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