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Meet Josh Mayer, InProduction Sales

Anyone who has worked with Josh knows that he is all about the details. He leaves no detail unattended, and he seems to revel in the kinds of questions that let you know you might have missed a detail or two in your own planning. He is a port in the storm. He is never phased and because of his detail oriented approach, his clients are confident that his work will meet the goals of their event.

Josh has always loved being creative with projects. “When I was growing up, I modified

multiple cars and headed to college to study design with the intention of moving to Detroit and coming up with the next … well, the next cool car. I got sidetracked by SGA and have been here ever since.” But, he is always using the skills from his studies from preliminary sketching to oversee drawings for client’s bids so he can make sure every detail is where he wants it to be. “I enjoy helping with the original designs and putting the planning together for the seating and staging needed by my clients.”

Josh works on events that sometimes take years to put together. “What I find most rewarding is seeing months of work – or sometimes years of work – coming together seamlessly to what the client envisioned. It’s the greatest part of the job.” One of his favorites, is the Mecum Auction work that SGA does a number of times during the year for the Mecum Auctions for Collector Automobiles. No wonder Josh, who still plays with cars, finds it one of his favorites. “Seeing our product come together with some of the coolest cars in the world all on one stage is phenomenal.”

When Josh isn’t helping with your drawings or planning your seating and staging around your event, he can be found at home rebuilding his house. And, every Fourth of July, at his barn out back, he ‘stages’ a concert for local bands, fireworks and celebrations around our Country’s birthday.

Josh is an SGA Production Sales Person, and we are proud to call him a team member.


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