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SGA Production Services & T&B Equipment Are Now InProduction

One year ago, SGA Production Services and T&B Equipment Company first joined forces. The goal was to broaden both companies to serve sports, corporate, and entertainment events, and those who sponsor, organize, and execute these events. With an expanded U.S. footprint and more seasoned resources in the field, we would strive to improve the efficiency of installation and strikes as well as reduce shipping spans. This would allow us to help facilitate successful events in less time. Over the past year, we have invested over $5 million in our equipment and delivery fleet to support this goal. Today, we are pleased to report that our integration is going smoothly, and for year two, we are making some exciting changes to further enhance our services.

To further define and clarify our commitment to our clients, employees, and partners, we formally announce the unification of the two companies into one cohesive entity: InProduction. Our core principles remain unchanged and will be emphasized throughout our company to ensure that all of our previous strengths endure. Building upon confidence we have gained as a result of all our past successes, we are stepping forward to set a new standard of service excellence and innovation. Our new brand is re-energizing our company. Please click here to learn more about our new brand and brand promise.

InProduction is focused on our clients and providing unparalleled service to you. We support all project phases, including a collaborative planning process, flawless execution, and on-time installation-leading to spectacular results. We will be engaged in your event from start to finish.

InProduction is also focused on our employees. We recognize that a talented, well-trained, and well-equipped workforce is a key competitive advantage today. A strong team leads to creativity, innovation, and the ability to provide value-added solutions for our clients. InProduction is powered by having the best people in the industry on our team.

In addition to rebranding, we are also announcing the opening of our newest service center, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. This location is designed to be a full-service facility, providing on-site storage and efficient handling for all InProduction inventory components, which will increase our service capabilities in the Midwest and strengthen our entire national network. The Chicago location will also become home to InProduction’s headquarters, an essential step in building a unified company. This central U.S. location is an integral part of our commitment to reduce the time and shipping required to support your events.

John Campanelli CEO, InProduction


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