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The Use of Custom Mesh at Your Bowl Game

As you walk around at a football game or any other sporting event, you may never notice or think about what is happening beneath the bleachers or hospitality structures, let alone the type of material that’s hiding them. That material — sometimes called mesh, windscreen, or scrim — plays a vital role in giving our events a clean, polished look.

Originally, mesh just hid the underbelly of bleacher seats, scaffolding, fencing, or large-scale structures. Now, especially in today’s world of ubiquitous social media imaging and branding, mesh not only continues to hide what’s behind the scenes, it also serves as a place to showcase your brand and present a finished look on everything from outdoor exhibits to sporting events.

We know that sponsors and school branding are an important aspect of the overall presentation during your school’s upcoming Bowl game. We also know that the more visibility a company has in a stadium, the more they will be willing to pay as a sponsor.

Here are just a few examples. Get in touch with Alex Puryear if you’d like more information.


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