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Transforming Your Events with Temporary Solutions

There is a noticeable trend in college events that is based on the innovative options now available in all things temporary for the various events offered at colleges and universities.

Many colleges and universities hold events throughout the year that offer alumni, students, and other interested parties the opportunity to celebrate — for example, graduation or a homecoming game — which calls for increased seating and hospitality capacity. The more seats and access you can provide and ll, the stronger the attendees’ commitment to the school will be, and the more revenue-generating options you will have.

Following are just a few of the options that are now available:

  • Bringing in temporary stadium seats. Homecoming? That rival game? You may be surprised where you can put in additional seating and charge for it, allowing for a larger crowd of supporters. One of our favorites is the big annual Florida vs. Georgia game held at TIAA Bank Field, where we add in 15,000 seats. It pays for itself over and over again in goodwill with fans and supporters of both schools and increased revenue for Jacksonville.

  • Adding a hospitality suite for that alumni group that comes back once a year to remember why they support their school years after graduating.

  • Installing a bridge across a dangerous roadway to make that empty eld across the interstate a parking haven and location for tailgates.

  • At commencement, where seating is limited and in high demand, folding chairs used to be the name of the game, but now track seating allowing for additional guests a no- brainer. Plus, it’s safer and more attractive. Using floor track allows for 20% more seats in a given area.

Expansions take time, and fundraising is sometimes years in the making. Using temporary elements while the fundraising, planning, and building processes are underway means that expansion is no longer years down the road.

And, the ability to offer sponsorship, alumni appreciation, and even fun and engaging messaging about your team with our highly customizable mesh makes unsightly behind-the-scenes bleachers a revenue and branding bonanza.

The times, they are a-changin’. The opportunity to enhance every experience for your fans, your students, your alumni, your faculty, and your community with temporary options is available now!


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