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You've Come a Long Way

Over the past decade, our efforts to offer spectator seating at golf events that guarantee the experience of "being there" and surpass the virtual experience offered through the millions (yes, millions!) of videos shared on social media, have been both challenging and exhilarating for spectator sports. We reminisce about the days of yore; do you recall them? Mirrors on tubing ensured that even if you were five rows back, you could see the putt. We thought you'd appreciate a bit of history.

Traditionally, fans would walk the entire course alongside their favorite players, observing every swing and shot. This practice originated from golf's roots in Scotland, where walking was the sole means of experiencing the game. But it was unique. You knew the score. You witnessed everything beyond the shot—the conversations with their caddies, the moments of introspection as they tried to regain their confidence. You strolled alongside strangers who often turned into friends, sharing an appreciation for the player you chose to follow and ample time to discuss golf. Some argue that the atmosphere was more intimate, with spectators forming genuine connections with both the player and each other.

As golf gained popularity, the sheer size of modern golf courses made it increasingly challenging for fans to cover every hole. To accommodate the growing number of spectators and capture the excitement around pivotal moments, golf tournaments started encouraging crowds to position themselves at specific holes. This transition offered a more intimate viewing experience, enabling fans to witness critical shots and interact with players up close, comparing one player's approach to the hole with another's.

That's where we come in.

Over the past several decades, InProduction has constructed seating and hospitality structures around some of the most famous (and infamous) holes in golf, ones that truly unite spectators at these events.

Among these are... 

The 16th Hole at the WM Phoenix Open, also known as the 'Coliseum', is infamously considered the 'loudest hole in golf' thanks to the very enthusiastic spectators who call this hole home for the week. With both GA seats and extensive hospitality areas, the 'Coliseum' hosts over 18,000 fans.

The Bear Trap at the Cognizant Classic (formerly the Honda Classic) is considered the most difficult group of holes at the PGA National, nicknamed for Jack Nicklaus, the Golden Bear, who redesigned the Championship Course. The Bear Trap includes the 15th, 16th, and 17th holes, a pair of par-3s sandwiching a tough par-4. This year, over 6,000 fans will enjoy all the action from our seating & hospitality at the Bear Trap.

'The Spot', this exclusive hospitality area at the Shriners Children's Open, features incredible views of the # 16 Green, Hole # 17, and # 18 Fairway, and offers spectators a unique view of the course, accommodating hundreds of spectators.


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