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InProduction’s tents and mezzanine can be designed and built for a customer’s specific requests and budget, to provide the hospitality and VIP experience clients require for their events.

InProduction's tents range from our smallest size at 3 meter up to 25 meter wide and in any length imaginable. InProduction's inventory of structures allows us to create a layout that works with almost any space, standard or not. With our experienced in-house engineering and design team, InProduction is capable of maximizing your available site. Our structures can be custom designed and can even turn on various angles.


From the traditional look of an “A” frame or the Arcum (dome) style, InProduction works with you to provide the perfect product for your event. Our structures can include side walls in various styles; the traditional soft white sidewall, hard panel sidewall, or even glass walls. InProduction can also provide doors to fully enclose your structure.


If you’re looking to maximize your space, our mezzanine is customizable for multiple-levels of entertainment. Our mezzanine creates a larger event space by having the flexibility to build multiple levels, giving guests views not available from typical structures. Mezzanine will allow you to double your available square footage, creating a look guests will never forget.


Our structures can be used in almost any location giving the customer unlimited opportunities to create an environment guests will enjoy. From golf courses, race tracks and concerts to corporate events, InProduction has the inventory to create the high-end hospitality environments clients are looking for.

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