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Specialty Items: Two-Level Hospitality Areas

InProduction has the artistic vision and skills to design unique specialty items that really transform a venue. One of our most impressive types of specialty equipment is a two-level hospitality suite. This is an eye-catching structure that will allow guests to enjoy their event experience to the fullest.

InProduction can design a two-tier suite or lounge from the ground up, or utilize existing building features as a foundation. Our experience using scaffolding, flooring and other materials equips us to master the design and install of this distinctive area at your site. Not only does InProduction build the two-tier suite, we have a variety of product lines for furnishing the space like seating, tables and other accommodations as well. Our team will design, install and furnish the area to make it premiere spot for guests, sponsors and VIPs. To find out more about custom-built multi-level hospitality suites, contact InProduction today.

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