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Modular Stadiums

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Modular Stadiums at InProduction

InProduction is Leading the Way for Modular Stadiums.


Modular Stadiums are a flexible, cost effective-way to get your team on the field and fans in the stands. In a matter of weeks, a stadium can be built for your organization. Additionally, adding temporary solutions such as VIP Suites, supplemental seating, or party platforms that fit into the landscape in place, will allow additional income return that will outweigh the investment.

Perhaps most important is the flexible nature of modular stadiums. From an existing venue to a dirt field or a parking lot, InProduction can build a modular stadium to fit your organization’s needs. Its semi-permanent design allows for installation at a fraction of the price of a traditional stadium while maintaining safety, comfort, and aesthetics. Modular stadiums can also be expanded within their current footprint as the team and fan base grows, or even relocated to a new site.

InProduction offers premier modular stadiums for large sporting events including soccer, ice hockey, football, baseball and more. InProduction’s modular stadiums bring an exciting, world-class atmosphere to any team.

Case in Point: Building Modular Stadiums for United Soccer League


In July of 2017, the USL partnered with InProduction that will made us their official modular stadium and seating supplier. Due to USL’s strict quality standards, only certain companies like InProduction are able to become a preferred vendor. We are “best in class” for stadium construction and can provide services and products to professional franchises and stadium developers. 


“The work InProduction completed in developing the Phoenix Rising Soccer Stadium Complex was outstanding. They will be a fantastic resource for new and existing clubs. They have the resources and expertise to deliver.”


– United Soccer LeaguE

Phoenix Rising Soccer Modular Stadium

Phoenix Rising, a newly-formed soccer team in Arizona, is a perfect example of the transformation that InProduction can do with a field, turning it into a one-of-a-kind stadium. It was a collaboration with a club that believes their team can play pro ball on this field, which offers everything from VIP boxes to stadium seating for 6,000 fans to an air-conditioned press box. And the club’s branding, a flaming soccer ball, designed and built into the seating, is a formidable sight.

Phoenix Rising FC

Relocated Phoenix Rising Stadium, 2021

The success of the team and growth of the fan base made a newer, larger stadium an imperative for the Phoenix Rising FC. We are now working with Phoenix Rising to relocate their stadium to support a rapidly growing fanbase by increasing spectator seating, improving VIP & hospitality areas, and upgrading training and gameday facilities for coaches, players, and staff.

Inter Miami FC Modular Stadium

Loudoun United FC Modular Stadium

Miami Hard Rock Stadium

InProduction Video

Modular Stadiums For All Occasions

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Jim McGlynn on Modular Stadiums

Cameron Pulliam on the Expansion of the USL & Soccer in the United States

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Modular stadiums are a fantastic resource for new and existing clubs owners. InProduction has the experience and quality that owners demand to provide world class experience for their fans. By working with InProduction, you get access to our team of professional designers and architects dedicated to creating a customized look for your stadium.


We work with your branding team and grounds team to simplify the design and construction process. By utilizing tip-up seating, grandstands, press boxes, barricades and more, you’ll get a stadium that takes your team to the next level.

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