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Temporary Grandstand Seating Options

To ensure excellent sightlines for all spectators, InProduction offers 8” and 14” rise bleacher systems. We can build grandstand seating on flat ground, or elevated depending on the terrain and sightline requirements. Grandstand seating systems are available in both wooden and aluminum seat boards. For smaller events we offer 30’ and 45’ trailer bleachers as well as our Challenger series 4 row portable bleachers. Whatever your event type, InProduction has a temporary grandstand seating solution that ensures safety, comfort and quality.

Temporary Grandstand
Temporary Grandstand
Temporary Grandstand

Depending on your event, it may require a custom designed grandstand. Grandstand roofing is a great way to protect spectators against severe weather conditions. InProduction will ensure optimal lines of sight and complete safety for spectators. We plan and build the complete roofing of the entire temporary grandstand or partially covered sections to your exact specifications with support-free roofing.

Getting Started

In the early phase of the project, we will help analyze your event needs and offer recommendations to meet your specifications. Some common questions include:

  • Will the grandstand seating be needed for several days, months or years?

  • Does the design need to meet any requirements of the company/organization?

  • Do you need grandstands with basic options or something more customized (i.e. press box, VIP seating, scoreboard, etc..)?


Depending on your event needs, InProduction can offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Concept / Design

  • Logistics

  • Assembly

  • Maintenance

  • Dismantling

  • Removal or Restoration

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