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For large-scale events, leveraging the right seating solution can play a crucial role in your audience’s experience. InProduction, an industry-leading event seating provider, installs curved seating that makes optimal use of available space and enhances the audience’s viewing experience. Different from other seating solutions, InProduction’s curved seating arrangement can be incorporated into a pie-shaped section to accommodate existing venue seating. We’ve invested in specific hardware that our competitors simply don’t have. Our setups are flexible and go beyond the basic rectangular and foursquare configurations. Our curved seating solution is not only more customizable, but also higher quality.

Key Benefits of Curved Seating

Curved seating isn’t limited to use for only one type of event. From sporting events to concerts, a curved arrangement is a versatile solution that leverages the industry’s best materials and maximizes investments in seating solutions.


Fit to Seating Space.


Curved arrangement is a versatile solution


3D model of the seating riser.

Fit to Seating Space.

Curved Seating
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