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For over 20 years, InProduction has been the industry leader in high-capacity, high-quality temporary seating. Our latest event rental solution, Platinum Seating, builds on the popular qualities of our existing seating, with enhancements that ensure greater comfort and a better viewing experience. InProduction’s innovative designs were originally developed for use on golf courses in Great Britain and were installed for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta. Since then, our seats have been used in events like the Super Bowl, the NHL Winter Classic, and more. InProduction’s seating solutions have been a familiar sight at high profile sporting and entertainment events across the country.

Platinum Stadium Seating
Platinum Stadium Seating

Improved Features of Platinum Seating

Achieving maximum capacity in venues and sports stadiums can pose a challenge. This is especially true if you want to deliver a comfortable viewing experience for audience members. Our Platinum Seating Solution sets the standard for quality temporary event seating, with features that include:


More Room – Platinum seats are 1.5 inches wider than traditional seats. The extra sitting room makes a difference when seated next to others at a crowded concert or popular sporting event.


Armrests – Armrests on Platinum seats have the ability to fold up, similar to those on an airplane. Audience members can leave armrests down for comfort or lift them up to enjoy a little extra room.


Silent Seat Tip-Up – Traditional seats often make a loud noise when a spectator stands up, distracting the rest of the audience from whatever is happening on the stage. Platinum seating has a silent seat tip-up, so audience members can conveniently leave their seats without disturbing the rest of the crowd.


Platinum seating also offers cup holders, an attractive feature for premium events. Our seats have also been designed in a neutral grey satin finish that is aesthetically attractive and blends seamlessly with any events’ color scheme.

Several major events have already started to leverage Platinum Seating to take advantage of wider seat size and improved comfort. This past year, InProduction installed 7,000 Platinum seats when the University of Florida Gators took on the University of Georgia Bulldogs—one of the most watched college football games of the year.

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