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InProduction’s experience building heavy-duty/load-bearing stages stems from decades of work with Detroit’s auto industry. From vehicle reveals, to press conferences, and auto shows, InProduction’s stage design team has built hundreds of load-bearing stages and ramps enabling vehicle showcases throughout North America.


Standard Vehicle Stages

Designed to work with portable ramps, our portable stage rental is the perfect choice for any height configuration. Ideal for single-vehicle display at trade shows, press events, and even golf tournaments, InProduction’s standard vehicle stages ensure a proper, safe placement of your client’s vehicle indoors, outdoors, and on uneven terrain.


Standard Vehicle Stages

As part of large line unveilings, dealer shows, and industry events, InProduction can build large, flat, or angled stages that will properly feature the client’s products. We work with your team wherever necessary to provide proper clearances for mobilators and turntables, and can supply custom deck surfaces when needed.

Heavy Duty Stage Details

Heavy Duty
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