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Structures and Tents


Structures at InProduction

The demand for temporary structures and semi-permanent buildings continues to grow globally. The InProduction team leads the way delivering game changing, dynamic, cost-effective structure spaces.

Developed to meet every type of space planning need, InProduction offers both Ultra-Modern and Modern style structures. Combining design innovation and a multitude of styles and options, we deliver a complete experience, one that allows you to use one supplier for your entire project. We are collaborative, forward thinking and ready to listen to your needs and offer solutions.

Temporary Structures

Need to create a temporary space unique to your project and environment? InProduction will meet all of Temporary Structure aesthetic and functional needs with our wide range of styles and options. From the simple to lavish temporary structure, we’ll help you get your project to the finish line, on-time and every time.

Semi-Permanent Buildings

Creating a semi-permanent building has never been easier or more cost effective with the products available today. What makes us different is our knowledge and expertise to deliver a semi-permanent space that includes all aspects of the project, not just the building. InProduction will guide you through a proven process where the only limitation is your imagination.


Award-worthy architecture to captivate the most critical eye. Our Ultra-Modern temporary structures and Semi-Permanent buildings are your best solution.  These structures combine design, creativity, space planning and implementation to optimize audience engagement.


Style combined with functionality. That’s what you get with our Modern structures. These are cost effective and provide multi-functional space solutions.

Logistical Planning

Our project teams specialize in taking your initial concept and making it a reality. From our in-house team of designers to the collective expertise of our project managers, we know how to deliver!

Our project teams work closely with engineers, fire marshals and city planners to ensure each project meets the required code. Small or large, your project needs that special attention to get it past the finish line successfully.

We do it all so you don’t have to:

  • Design / Engineering / Fabrication

  • Scaffolding / Bleacher Seating / Event Decks

  • Furniture / Flooring / Lighting

  • Bathroom design plan and install / Waste removal

  • A/V Rental / Electrical Plan and Install

  • HVAC rental & install / Decking & handrail

  • Shipping / Install & dismantle labor

Custom Finishes

Beginning with a blank page and a white square, you’ll see your project take shape and come to life. Our design and creative team works with your ultimate goals in mind to provide the perfect solution. Design is a powerful tool of communication and influence. It’s strategic asset that directly serves the objectives of our clients. Our team of designers will take your vision and create a compelling and meaningful space in two-and three -dimensions.

InProduction uses its expertise to design, create fabricate, brand and install your project. Whether you need an off the shelf rental solution or a fully customizable three-story space, we have the tools to make it happen. Through design, our most important task is to communicate to your customers who you are, what you do, and what makes you unique.

Our Temporary Structure Design & Construction Process

Phase 1: Project Estimate & Proposal

The project will start with an estimate for the structure. When we have more details, we’ll provide a more accurate proposal for your project.

Phase 2: Structure Design & Engineering

Phase 2 starts with design renderings for both the interior and exterior of the space. Next, a technical drawing is developed, which is approved by our engineers and sent for permitting. Then comes the interior design and and planning to complete the design phase of the process.

Phase 3: Logistics & Installation

Lastly, we’ll plan the logistics of the project, from understanding access restrictions to planning for the equipment needed to complete the job. Once that’s sorted out, we’ll install and uninstall your temporary structure or semi-permanent building quickly and carefully.

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