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InProduction understands the importance of providing the same experience for all spectators. In order to accomplish this and adhere to the ever-changing building codes it is important to ensure your venue is ADA compliant. Our team has a deep experience adhering to ADA standards and can customize handicap accessible equipment by using a combination of ramps and lifts that are installed with extra care and precision.

InProduction will create anything from a single ramp over stairs to a complex system designed for a large venue. Depending on the location, flooring or terrain our designers will customize equipment to work appropriately for your space. No event is too large or small.

Our experience includes single ramps for graduations and weddings, to intricate ramp systems stretched across a large outdoor venue. If your venue and/or event has ADA needs, contact InProduction today to learn about our custom event solutions.

  • Access Ramps

  • ADA accessible seating at front of risers

  • ADA accessible infill seating for stadiums

  • ADA accessible seating reclamation for stadiums.

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