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Temporary Bridges & Rental Bridges for Event Sites

Bodies of water, high traffic roadways and swampy areas are just some examples of the various barriers that prevent your contestants, spectators, and sponsors from comfortably navigating around your event site. To overcome these challenges, temporary bridges are available to make your venue a safe and accessible site for everyone in attendance. In an effort to avoid taking up too much of your valuable event space, InProduction designs custom bridges that make a minimal footprint. Here are a few of the temporary event bridge options available from InProduction:

Custom Event Bridges

If you have special needs, our team can design a temporary bridge or supply a rental bridge to meet your unique requirements. Some events require that bridges be ADA accessible and suitable for wheelchairs. In some instances, bridges need to be designed heavy duty enough to handle golf carts and excessive foot traffic. With our custom temporary bridges we can devise solutions to meet these requirements and specifications. InProduction has a number of temporary bridge rental solutions for dealing with a variety of obstacles and challenges.

Vehicle Bridges

In addition to pedestrian and player bridges, InProduction can design and build vehicle bridges that safely and conveniently provide access to your patrons around the grounds of your site. These bridges are built with durable flooring panels to withstand maximum load capacity. Do you have another event bridge requirement? Contact the professionals at InProduction and we can customize a solution that is just right for your event.

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