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There are many benefits to incorporating event mesh and windscreen into event seating and accommodations. It’s durable, lightweight and weather-resistant. Event mesh and windscreen works for sporting events and races, as well as for security and crowd control purposes. These products can also be a significant marketing tool when used on the right equipment in a prime display location. Event mesh and windscreen is the perfect way to accommodate advertising and generate brand awareness for sponsors. The material is fully customizable so you can incorporate anything from basic graphics to text to digitally printed color photos.

In addition to providing mesh windscreen on our own structures, InProduction has mesh and logo mesh for sale to our customers. It’s offered in a variety of colors including green, black, white, tan, red, miller blue, and royal blue. Our customers can also utilize the mesh to assist in the marketing and branding of their event by incorporating their logos directly on to our structures. Whether it wraps around camera towers, spreads alongside fences or spans the back of bleachers, event mesh and windscreen is an affordable, practical and powerful event marketing tool.

Digital Mesh Portfolio

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