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Event Trends 2018: Messages in Unexpected Places

It started in Denmark. With people looking down (at their phones) and not up at oncoming traffic, the design for the ‘pay attention crosswalk’ came to be. It’s worked wonders. Cars slow down when approaching it. People stop in their tracks and look around. And, the art community heralds its artistic creation.

And, it’s not just in Denmark. Steps being used to display messages can be seen all across the land.

Which brings us to our own steps. LED lit for safety … and for message opportunity.

More and more, messaging takes place not just on the stage, but in the areas all around it. And in a world where everyone is constantly looking down at their phones, what better place to highlight them, than on a set of stairs. Our LED steps offer unique messaging opportunities for logos, quotes, or just strong lighting in any color you call your own.

You heard it here first…2018 is the year of messages in unexpected places!

Janice Barr, National Sales


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