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The Messaging for Your Event Begins at Hello

Remember when the customer experience started when they sat down in the theater? InProduction’s Johnny Motoc of our Orlando office, offers some insight on what producers are doing to enlarge the event experience for the customer, because it begins now, when they step into the building.

“Event producers who we work with never cease to amaze us with their creative concepts for making sure that the audience experience starts from the moment they arrive until they head out of the venue. They have enlarged the event to more than the presentation on the stage. It’s our pleasure to help bring their ideas to light.”

What visual and messaging elements change the way an event unfolds? Why is design coming forward as a must?

More and more events these days are focusing on the immersive environment that puts messaging at the forefront from the moment the audience enters the venue. No longer is it simply the experience in plenary session or on the trade-show floor, but rather from the first step into the hotel or convention center.

Design and brand experience becomes a must in this scenario, providing the framework to telling the story, presenting the message, and establishing the environment that the producer is striving to achieve. The producers we work with are masterful at building the brand experience from ‘hello’ to the crescendo of their presentation on stage.

Effects you think make a difference at an event? Visuals that can be flexibly used to convey different messages at different times. For example, the use of light and video projections that change from session to session, speaker to speaker, change the experience in a cost effective way. Additionally, a visual application that informs will always be more impactful than design without message.

Lobby installations can be highly impactful in setting the tone from the moment the customer arrives. By the time the audience is seated, they are in the mind-set you need them to be in for you to start the program.

Social media and ‘background’ – how are they related? In the age of social media, there are many who post images throughout their event experience. Often, the lasting images that carry over social media are of installation applications. Not only does this include staging in the plenary session, but also selfies and other group-photo applications throughout the hotel and convention-center corridors.

What are some fun installations you’ve worked on? We converted numerous NASCAR garages into a conference center for the launch of the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster.

A touring musical-theater production named “Divorce Party.” There were tons of terrific tricks supporting a show that was a fun, interactive experience.

Have specific questions about scenic design for your event? Reach out to Johnny Motoc for his expertise.


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