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The Bravo is your ideal choice for premium tip-up seating. Like our Ultimate Flip Up Seat, our Bravo Seat is designed for both tiered and floor seating applications.  The Bravo chair is a fully upholstered high back seat for both indoor and outdoor use. Its ergonomic high back design provides lumbar support and a high level of comfort that is unsurpassed in the event industry. Its automatic tip up mechanism allows for maximized capacity within any footprint.

  • Outdoor Rated Padded Chair

  • Flip Up Armrest

  • Optional Cup Holder

  • Rental and Permanent Applications

  • Standard Black Available for Rental. Custom Color for Purchase/Permanent Applications

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Bravo VIP Seat.png
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Click the PDF icon to view the Bravo Seat Specs.


The Bravo chair is a fully upholstered high back seat that is more comfortable than any folding chair on the market. Its ergonomic high back design provides lumbar support and a high level of comfort while maintaining a compact footprint making storage and transport easy.

The padded, upholstered seat is the ideal choice for any high end outdoor or indoor event. It offers a premium luxurious feel, perfect as an upgradable seat for any VIP ticket holder.

Available with optional tip up armrest and cup holder the Bravo Chair is the only floor seat that provides an experience that rivals a fixed luxury or theater style seat.

The new Grid system is fully finished with anodized aluminum sleds and black Better Style legs for a contrasted appearance that fit well in any setting.

The new design creates an even easier and quicker install experience with a quick glide in install system. The chairs line up straight every time and do not move or serpentine as folding chairs tend to do.

The Grid has a slightly deeper 32” tread which is 2” greater than our standard floor track to accommodate the bigger and more comfortable Bravo seat, but it still saves 4” per row when compared to the tightest of folding chairs.

The Bravo Grid is topped off with optional drop in aisle letters as well as interchangeable seat numbers to help ensure flexibility when installing the seating. We are sure that after you review the Bravo Grid system you will understand the added benefits that it can provide your facility.

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