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Universities & Colleges

Experience Upgraded Infrastructure, Increased Revenue,
and an Elevated Fan Experience.

Whether you need additional seats for rivalry games, hospitality suites or platforms, custom elements to showcase sponsors, or a new stadium—temporary or permanent—to elevate your athletics program, InProduction is prepared to bring your vision to life.

Upgrade Your Facilities

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“Today we announce a new partnership for InProduction with Northwestern University to establish a temporary stadium, ensuring uninterrupted game coverage while their new stadium is under construction,” said Jason Tedrow, CEO of InProduction, the Chicago- based industry leader in seating, staging, and structures. “This collaboration reflects a growing trend among colleges and universities nationwide to enhance spectator experiences and increase attendance at college sports events. The demand for our temporary and permanent structures, as well as suites for alumni, VIPs, and sponsors, has seen significant growth over the past few years. It’s an exhilarating time for educational institutions as they expand their capacity to celebrate their teams and events.” - Jason Tedrow, CEO, InProduction

Press Articles 

"We provide cutting-edge seating, staging, and structural solutions, both permanent and temporary, for sports facilities at colleges and universities nationwide. We understand the growing demand for top-notch sports venues."

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 "Our team is dedicated to elevating the experience for your students, athletes, and fans. Let us help you transform your sports venues into state-of-the-art environments that inspire school spirit and pride."

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"Upgrading your university's facilities can significantly increase revenue. Partner with us to enhance, upgrade or build stadiums and arenas that attract top talent, draw larger crowds, and foster campus pride, leading to higher ticket sales, alumni donations, and sponsorships."

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Additional Considerations

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